Business Owner’s Insurance (BOP)

Insurance Coverage for the Unexpected in Business – Business Owner’s Insurance in Pasadena

Running a small business provides enough of your energy, time and money. Being a business owner can lead to an interesting insurance conversation as you try to minimize your risk financially and plan for unexpected risk such as an injured employee, a lawsuit, a down economy or even a natural disaster. Regardless of your business structure, LLC, corporation or sole-proprietor, you should carry enough insurance to cover your liabilities and protect your assets. Even if your LLC or corporation separates your liability personally from your business, this is no reason to not carry a properly designed business insurance policy.

Depending on the size of your business and whether or not you have employees, your state may require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance, pay for unemployment insurance and other forms of coverage. If you own a car or truck for business purposes, you’ll want to ensure you carry an auto policy designed for business. If you own commercial property, you’ll want to carry commercial property insurance, flood, and more.

A business owner’s policy can combine property, liability and business interruption coverage all in one easy policy for small to medium sized businesses. By packaging these coverages together, you will generally see a discount in your premium.

Supplemental coverages are also available. Contact us today to find out more.


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